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USInet was founded in 2004 by the graduating class of the User System Interaction program at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). Within this post-master program, international candidates with multidisciplinary backgrounds are trained to improve the interaction between people and systems and to make technology truly accessible and beneficial for all people. The program aims to create professionals that are at the forefront of the enabling technologies for the digital society, equipped to function at the interfaces between people and technology. Completing the USI program awards a professional doctorate degree in engineering (PDEng). After graduating from USI, professionals are scattered all over the world. As a result, updating each other about research and leading technologies becomes more and more difficult. For that reason USInet was created: in order to maintain an up-to-date network of USI professionals.


USInet goals
• Support the exchange of information between alumni and current USI students

• Keep the members updated about former USI students, in the USI program as well as in the rest of HCI world
• Provide an outlet for posting and finding interesting vacancies in the academia and industry
• Organize social and professional activities to enrich the discipline as a whole.


USInet activities

To accomplish our goals we hold professional and social events throughout the year. These include (in)formal meetings and trips, reunion parties and the UX camp NL conference. Besides the events, we provide an online portal including different kinds of social media. 

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Usinet Board 2013

The USInet board currently consists of six event members and two web members: Jenya Gubenko (President), Maria Gustafsson (Vice), Dimitra Miha (Secretary), Pieta van der Molen (Treasurer), Zhiyuan Zheng (PR), Gurjot Dhillon (General), with Carolina Gomez Naranjo and Nicolle Helgers in the webteam. The board is supported by many other USI’s who help with different aspects of USInet, such as photographing and writing blogposts for the website.

First row from left to right : Pieta van der Molen, Nicolle Hegels, Gurjot Dillon, Dimitra Miha and Zhyjuan. Bottom row from left to right: Evgenia Gubenko, Carolina Gomez Naranjo and Maria Gustaffson.  

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Contact Us

Den Dolech 2

5612 AZ Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Postal address: P.O. Box 513

Main Building (HG) 3.07   5600 MB

Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Tel: +31 40 247 5230

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